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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below, I hope to be able to answer all your junk removal questions.

Is there any junk you don't take?

We take almost all junk the only things we don’t take are: hazardous materials such as paint, engine oil, anything deemed illegal to transport.

How much does it cost to fill your truck?

This depends on how much effort your willing to put in. Let me explain...if your junk is neatly in garbage bags in front of your house ready to be hauled. I can give you a better price then a messy garage that needs labour to complete. The cost of filling my truck depends on the amount of labour I have to put in, how much junk you have and how heavy it is. Easy to load residential junk is $150 a full truck. Easy to load construction junk is $200 a full truck. Harder to load junk is a additional $50 per truck load. Harder to load junk is determined by the labour required (cleaning, bagging, loading, takes additional time apart from throwing the junk in my truck.)

Do you pick up scrap metal?

I do pick up scrap metal but you will be charged for labour and a full truck. I suggest putting your scrap on your front lawn and calling a scrap company to send a driver for pickup. It's free!  

Do you pick up appliances?

Yes I do, fees start at $60 to remove appliances that are outside. $80 for inside appliances and $100 for fridges.

Do I have to be there for you to do a junk pickup?

With technology it is not necessary for you to be at the job. This allows for more flexible junk removal. You can be at work and come home to your junk removed. Send me a picture of your job. When I arrive I can quote the job and contact you with a price. If price is agreed on I will send a picture of a completed job.

What happens if my load is too big for your truck?

When this is the case a $150 deposit is required(dump fees etc.)I will come quote your job and give a estimate.

Will you take junk from inside my house?

Of course! I offer full home/tenant cleanout where I remove all junk from within the home. Most cleanouts are 1 full truckload. Cost starts at $300.

If I need something delivered from the store can you do that?

Yes, just pay the same fees as removing appliances.

Can I arrange a pick up on behalf of a loved one?

Of course my business is built on helping in the simplest way. Send me the address of the job. Il quote the job then give you a call with a price. If agreed etransfer will be required before job begins. Picture will be sent once job is complete.

Can you do same day pickup?

Depends on my schedule and the amount of labour required for the job.

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